Dare to speak.

The Royal Standard, Liverpool, UK, invited TASC to take part in an all female exhibition where the focus was not on gender. Our contribution to the exhibition took the form of a framework for discussing the exhibition.

Through playing a version of The Telephone Game, participants sat with us in a circle talking through the rules of the game; women could only speak by whispering to the people on either side of them and men could only speak aloud what had been whispered to them.

In this way, the women’s physical voice was taken away as they could not speak out loud, but the men’s abiltiy to speak was taken away as they could not choose what they said. The game had no end point and conversation continued within this format for over an hour until I spoke aloud.

We wanted to question the way that men and women talk together in mixed groups. There has been a lot of research into the perception of how much women speak in mixed circles and we wanted this work to highlight that. The work also looked at the right to speak, who has it and how can it be used?

Bergen, Norway// London, UK