Amber Ablett is an artist and writer based in Bergen, Norway. Using performance, text, sound and re-enactment, her work looks at the importance of place and belonging to how we be together, with an focus on how our society shapes, reflects, controls and limits our multifaceted identities. Stepping away from spectacle, Ablett often uses workshops and gatherings as a platform to share and open up her practice. 

Interview with UKS:

KORO commission, Alrek Helseklynge, Bergen. 2020 - 2023

Forthcoming projects:
Hordaland Kunstsenter (curation), Bergen. October 2021.
Bergen Kjøtt (solo), Bergen. November 2021.

Recent projects include:
Rehearsal for A Change Gonna Come, UKS (solo), Oslo. 2021.
Høstutstillingen (group)
, Kunstnernershus, Oslo, 2019
Anthems (solo), Lydgalleriet, Bergen, 2019
Ashes: Archipeligo (solo/performance), Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, 2019
Residency AIRY, Kofu, Japan, 2018
Norden til Bergen (solo, as TASC), Bergen, Norway, 2018
Studio Kitchen (durational project- as TASC), Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, Norway, 2016-2018
Anthems (solo/performance), FELT Gallery, Bergen, Norway, 2017
G/rove (group- as TASC), Latitude 28, Dehli, India, 2017
Bergen Assembly (group- as TASC), Norway, 2016

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Bergen, Norway// London, UK