I quite like bouncing.

B-Open is an open studio event that takes place over a weekend in Bergen. In 2016, TASC were invited to be one of four other artists to participate in a three-year-long project connecting Bergen with other Scandinavian cities. To launch this project, called Bergen Til Norden, we were invited to give a presentation of our practice at the B-Open opening event at Landmark.

Our presentation took the form of a performance, where we discussed our practice through the frame work of our practice. Commenting on the ideas of collaboration, language, social behauviours (especially those social codes that are part of ‘Art Parties’) and dialogue, we created and played a memory game where we stood opposite eachother in front of a microphone saying and repeating phrases that relate to our practice; while one person spoke, the other would open and down a can of beer; the more that was drunk, the harder the game became and so encouraged the audience to join in and help us remember the phrases.

As TASC we often question the discussions that take place at exhibition openings or arranged art events and where the boundary between socialising and working begins for an artist.

Bergen, Norway// London, UK