TASC Studio Kitchen.
2016- 2018.
Social choreography, conversation, food.

Between 2016 and 2018, TASC ran TASC Studio Kitchen as an open-studio and cafe within Hordaland Kunstsenter as a permanent space in which to research conversation-as-art and social codes within the space.

We envisioned the studio as a place for thought, experimentation and investigation and as a bridge between the exhibitions and the audiences to the art centre.

Through the open studio we hosted a number of events in collboration with other creative and educational organisations in Bergen, and the space became a meeting point for many people.

The cafe operated on a trust system, creating a new dynamic and removing the cost-exchange relationship with guests, bringing the focus back to the shared space.

TASC worked closely with Bergen Assembly, a triannial art festival held in Bergen, to explore and research ideas of radical hospitality.

Bergen, Norway// London, UK